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Indoor Air Quality

Fatigue, headaches, itchy eyes, sneezing, and running noses are common symptoms of allergies or a cold. They also could be signs that the indoor air you’re breathing is filled with pollutants.  Pollution isn’t just on the outside; what you breathe in your home or business can have as much or more pollution in it. And there’s a direct link between one’s indoor environment and healthy living.

Because indoor air quality is affected by a variety of factors, usually from a number of sources, finding a solution requires a multi-faceted approach. The key to having clearer air at home is getting the right mix of temperature, humidity, and filtration. While there are some things people can do to reduce allergens in their homes, the best solution is to take a comprehensive approach when dealing with indoor air issues.

We can evaluate the air quality in your home and provide you with several options to help improve your indoor environment for healthier living.

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